In My Voice

Poet Purvi Shah before a performance of Together We Are New York
Poet Purvi Shah before a performance of the community-based poetry project Together We Are New York

A poem is complete when it reaches an audience/when there is dialogue & response.

You can help complete these poems by listening & responding.

Start with a little love with Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Celebrate immigrants & our voices.

Then shine a light to end sexual violence.

Best “The enemy within” with humor.

Discover what happens when promise disappears.

Go on to paint geometry.

Or hear Mira’s timely response to Krishna. (A poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize!)

Keep the poems turning with the PageTurner Literary Festival.

Explore the trove at the Fishouse collection of poems aloud here.

Or take pause & listen here.

Or take a minute & another listen here.

“…murmuring my desires…in your ears murmuring dreams”: Image from a collaboration of my poetry with visual art by Nandini Chirimar