is healing…

Healing changes us. Healing transforms our communities. Healing changes the course of what is possible – and how we are present. Healing is process & destination, an individual journey, and a collective formation.

I open space for healing, immigrant belonging, and gender & racial equity by advocating for justice and creating social practice art & writing. As an immigrant to the U.S., I experienced racism and the impact of educational inequities. Advocacy has become my home for transformation – and change is healing.

For nearly 8 years, I led an anti-violence organization supporting survivors and our communities in healing. In 2016-17, I led a first-hand stakeholder research & systems change process which spurred a NYC community-based initiative to address intimate violence. I continue to advance restorative practices and community-based solutions to addressing violence.

Miracle Marks, my second book of poetry, explores gender-based violence. My debut poetry collection on migration, loss & belonging, Terrain Tracks, won the Many Voices Project prize.

As part of Circlefor, I collaborate on public art with a healing justice focus with brilliant visual artist, Anjali Deshmukh. Our work explores & catalyzes the well-being of our world – our bodies, our spirits, the climate, our communities.

During the pandemic, we spent more time in nature and became attuned to climate shifts & disasters. Weaving my poetry through her piece, dancer Sonali Skandan developed “In Her Element” to give Nature voice.

Across forms, I cultivate healing as an art of transformation.

Purvi Shah shares a poem at a community vigil honoring Jyoti Singh while Sonny Singh plays dhol.
Purvi Shah shares a poem at a community vigil honoring sexual violence victim Jyoti Singh Pandey while Sonny Singh plays dhol.
Applause by Anjali Deshmukh & Purvi Shah