Community is an art.

Delve my conversations on art-making, advocacy, and healing in community.

Watch the Instagram Live as Anjali Deshmukh & I share about Ready to Heal / Ready to Grieve with the NYC Department of Cultural Arts.

Listen to an interview with me on Dear Brown Parents

10 Books to Read for National Poetry Month by Kundiman

A Rare Writing Project from the Artists Known as Grin City” on Iowa Public Radio. In 2015, I created site-specific poems based on interviews with library staff & patrons. My poems were installed in vinyl on library windows — and my poem at the Marshalltown Library was translated into Spanish and Myanmar to reach diverse communities.

Short film: Movement to Power (2014) showcasing our healing workshop for community members working to end violence

Short film: Together We Are New York: Asian Americans Remember and Re-Vision 9/11 (2012) highlights the voices of Asian Americans during the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to foster dialogue, healing, and witness


“As an immigrant, I came to poetry as a way of being home in English, in the United States” in Ms.

“I had been exploring sound energy, the white space of being and creation, how the physicality of poems is a kind of breath, an imprint, an energy-scape” in Water-Stone Review

“I had been thinking about how the past can dog you” in The Rupture

“This poem is rooted in beloved community” in Winter Tangerine


“Here the use of space is not only aesthetic, but political…”: Kenyon Review on Miracle Marks by Seema Reza

“…charting the dislocations and locations of immigration, memory, love, and loss…”: Poetry Trifecta, review of Terrain Tracks by Harriet Davidson

“The poems are largely lyrical and focused on moments of poetic transformation — where mundane or extraordinary things take on the special quality of language…”: Purvi Shah’s Terrain Tracks

“…Action, or the aforementioned travel, exists as a place for contemplation…”: Galatea Resurrects review of Terrain Tracks by Lisa Bower

“…she offers up strange images mixed with strange sounds…”: -When           creation:-, review of Terrain Tracks by Soham Patel

“…fresh in their use of imageries and in the blend of unabashed wonder in idioms that ring out confidently…” Of Text and Its Temerity, review of The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry with an excerpt of my poem, “After*Life”