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Forewording Beauty

Poetry as Change/Change as Poetry

Purvi Shah poet and anti-violence advocate

Making moves for change

From a young age, I had a passion for questions. For exploring the tense magics of our world. Why such things as inequity and injustice exist. Perhaps these questions arose because I came to the U.S. as an immigrant or because I have grown up amongst a world of women.

Whatever the genesis, I continue the quest for transformation & justice through two primary vehicles: advocacy for social justice and as a media advocate & writer, predominantly of poetry and posts.

I now have a 20-year track record promoting initiatives that further equity, safety, and opportunities for underserved communities — especially via coalition-building to drive change from diverse constituents. In my community change work, I served as the Executive Director of an anti-violence organization and made possible holistic services, innovative films, and concrete language access policy change. In recent years, I have kindled beauty & change through the civil rights community-based poetry project, Together We Are New York: Asian Americans Remember and Re-Vision 9/11, and through public poetry performances at anti-violence gatherings. I also have an award-winning book of poetry, Terrain Tracks, and I am currently working on collaborations with visual artist Anjali Deshmukh.

My quest for poetry as change and change as poetry continues. I hope you too will take part in the miracle.

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