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Coaching Services

We can all be leaders in our own lives. We can all showcase our unique talents and voices. We can all jump over hurdles and continue our quests for personal, organizational, movement, and social evolution. All of us need support on this journey because change happens in community and partnership.

I believe in transformation and the human potential to do so in small and huge ways. My coaching is based on a belief in realizable transformation, in understanding and naming limitations, in fostering partnerships, and making a holistic and doable plan of action for forward movement and evolution.

My coaching draws upon my own personal transformations. I draw upon my hard-won lessons in the non-profit sector. I draw from my visions and artistic practice. I offer coaching related to:

  • Leadership development in the context of organizational development & movement building;
  • Navigating thorny organizational and movement situations;
  • Setting clear intentions, goals, actions, and timelines;
  • Public speaking; and,
  • Presentation and media development.

My values are to listen, strategize holistically, focus on tangible outcomes and growth, and enable an expansive present and future while approaching lessons learned with honesty.

For further background on my professional experiences, go here. You can hear me, along with my former colleagues Bix Gabriel and Stephanie Arcella, speak to leadership development and lessons learned.

To discuss coaching services, including rates and availability, e-mail me at purvi@purvipoets.net. I look forward to connecting with you and working together to make your visions and growth a reality!