Purvi Poets

Forewording Beauty


How do we make change? Reflect here:

“In the context of sexual violence, then, it is precisely in keeping vigil and re-rendering the onus of vigilance where change starts…” from The Value of Vigil(ance) in Ending Sexual Violence

“True: poetry on demand is ordinarily the sphere of Hallmark, weddings, or similar maudlin canvases…And yet, what do we miss when we do not have a poetry in our public sphere?…” from The Hazards of an Inauguration Sans Poetry

“Immigration reform is back on the floor – finally. And yet, the national symbol of choice – and taxpayer investment – remains the fence…” from Write at Home: Immigration as a Seed for Possibilities

“I can’t imagine a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than dancing…” from A Love Note for Movement

Why poet? Some ruminations below.

“Because my words drip with arzoo as much as longing…” from To Love, To a Justice of the Heart

“We seek to still vrittis. This search to capture one’s essence…” from As the Soul Turns: Thoughts on Linda Pastan’s “Ethics”

“We don’t often think of ourselves as the heroines or heroes of our own lives…” from Writing for the Heart: A Practice for Self-Liberation

“Sometimes ending is beginning. Sometimes I dream of summer…” from (Re)versing Endings/A Speaking with Art/On “L’Ete”

“Some say this is woman’s territory: to know what is unspoken in the midst of what is spoken…” from Poetry Process Profile: Discussion of “Some didn’t make it. Some did.” and “This is MY NY.”

“The subway has become my writing sanctuary and taskmaster…” from Yes, I Travel Poetries

“And Def Leppard, well, yes, they are a good answer, too…” from 5Q4Q

“When you encounter the spare, tight stories of Hisaye Yamamoto, you behold a mirror which begs to be broken…” from What Journeys Trace Lineage

And if you just want a taste of what rocks my world:

“The seasons are changing. And perhaps, your fortunes are too…” from Quick Picks for The Aerogram

“Songs of migration – an essence of Terrain Tracks and its making. Songs that mark the journeys of your quiet & loud feelings…” from Soundtrack (a Poet’s Playlist) to accompany Terrain Tracks, my poetry collection